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The day I had the least creative idea ever

Turin, Italy (2018) by Isabela Freire

Why not start it off with a couple of pictures of a place I love so much? Turin, Italy (2018) by yours truly.

How it all began

I guess everybody starts a blog sharing their story, don't they? Well, I couldn't expect my "first" time to be different. So here I will share how I had the least creative idea of all times. The real first time I wrote a blog post in my life I was 12 years old though. My cousin taught me a little bit of HTML and the web was a whole new universe to explore back then. I would share my day, without even knowing who would be on the other side, reading all my stuff. After a while I made so many friends online I couldn't even count it. I would spend countless hours in forums, reading other blogs, networking just for the sake of it. But then, life happened and I grew up, and decided to leave it all behind for some strange reason (insecurity). I didn't see a reason why keep on sharing my life since I had so much yet to discover about myself.

Eventually, during my freshman year of university, I had this idea of gathering other 4 friends and creating a blog. I was so sure that if I was able to share this will with other people, I would finally stop ignoring it. I wouldn't be able to not acknowledge that I needed to get back to it since I promised someone else I would. Well, as you can see that didn't work too. Another failed idea I never pursued. This idea never left my mind though. It just kept coming back and forth inside my head for years to go.

This is it (sort of)

It is hard to explain the feeling of writing this first post here. This is an idea I've been putting away for such a long time, as you can see. When I moved to Turin, I restarted writing blog posts again somewhat like 4 or 5 years ago on my phone. I remember keeping it as a secret to myself, waiting for the perfect timing when I'd be ripe enough to put it all. I had so many ideas that by that time looked so innovative to me. As I waited and waited, I kept seeing new blogs being created and with them, my innovative feeling being vanished away so quickly. Who knows what would have happened if I just have pressed "Publish" that one time.

Right now I can't answer this question, but certainly there is one thing I can do differently from that day, 4 or 5 years ago: listen and welcome my new (old) ideas. Put out everything I want to write and share. Why not? Who cares?

This blog is not meant to be somehow the most creative idea one could ever have, nor something to pursue in order to make money. For me it's just a vehicle of letting of steam, a place where I can express myself anyway I want. Something that is entirely mine. An outlet that hopefully will give me the means to meet new people and share nice things I discover every day. A way to restart seeing the world as a 12 year old would do: as a fantastic, fascinating place to explore.

Curious? You can also find me elsewhere. Here if you wish. And here. Oh, and here too.

Creativity, you're a bitch.

Now, Isabela, it's time to press "Publish". Wish yourself luck.