Illustrated visuals for the musical Just Smash

Compagnia Oblio is musical & theatre company from Turin, Italy. Between 2015 and 2016, they brought on stage Just Smash, their first musical ever. The show was created from an original script and I was invited to create its visual identity.

Just Smash tells the story of Cosette, a girl who moves with her family to a new town full of opportunities. She dreams of making a living as part of a musical company, so she joins a casting. Cosette will make friends with Louis, Susy and Karen, part of the company's crew. They will help her in the difficult task she will be assigned with: challenge her rival Nikki for the show's leading role. The two girls share not only the interest of being the main star on stage, but both are also interested in the male leading actor, Mitchell. During the story, Cosette will get to know how the theater world really is: full of commitment, competition and hope for a brighter future.


Compagnia Oblio

Art Direction
Visual Design

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